Youtech & Associates is an integrated marketing and development agency that stops at nothing to bring the utmost value to our clients. We use our signature blend of intelligent data and inspiration to bring our clients new business through expertly crafted marketing, development, branding, and public relations.

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CEO Wilbur You, with $600 in his pocket, spent every last penny to incorporate the company, and on July 10th, 2012 – Youtech was born. Without an infusion of capital, times were tough. Wilbur made it his goal to call 100 companies each day, though oftentimes 99 of them would decline his offer for a $500 website.

But through unwavering dedication and perseverance, Youtech soldiered on. After three to four months, we finally had enough money to move to downtown Naperville, and there was no looking back. From the days of going after small mom-and-pop shops to signing quarter million dollar deals – we’ve never wavered in our commitment to treating each project like it’s our last.


As a modern, full-service agency, we combine the best qualities of both digital and traditional marketing and advertising to effectively refresh and re-energize your business from every angle. We are never stagnant, and by constantly improving our own business model, we stay at the top of our industry, which allows us to put our clients at the top of their industries.

That’s who we are – a collection of industrious, unrelenting individuals who splice data and art together like a squad of well-practiced mad scientists. Youtech is filled to the brim with the most sharp-witted, forward-thinking experts in the industry, and we’re all working together to accomplish one goal: building your empire.

These days, Youtech & Associates is fueled by a world-renowned Web Design and Development Team. As the ninth-ranked Responsive Web Design firm in the nation, we use marketing in the most effective way, tracking live data feeds for all of our clients’ websites and providing superior services, data, analytics, and proven ROI for our clients.