The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2017: Directors’ Picks

Every Super Bowl has a few commercials which stand out above the rest. After the big game, the internet buzzes with debates on the best and worst commercials of the year. At Youtech & Associates, we offer a look at these commercials from a slightly different point of view.

As an integrated marketing agency, we provide expertise in many areas of marketing and communications, and our directors are here to give their opinions from their unique perspectives.

Without further ado, the best Super Bowl commercials of 2017, according to Youtech’s directors are:

Best Creative – Avocados from Mexico

Lauren Urban, Creative Director
First of all, this commercial was hilarious — a clear play on the Illuminati with the “secret society” meeting in the dimly lit chamber, but with tons of jokes and jabs thrown in. “Did they figure out we deflated the footballs? No. We found a fall guy for that one.” HA!

Even though the jokes were great, the best part of this commercial is that Avocados from Mexico did a complete overhaul on their website to support this commercial. You now see their “secret society” logo (feat. a triangle) placed at the top with their usual brand. They also have repurposed their banner space– covering it with a triangle pattern and a clear CTA that links to their “big game” specific landing page. On this page, there is an interactive smartphone with apps that you can click through. The jokes keep flowing here. (Check the mail app. You won’t be disappointed.)

The best part, however, is the way the company is having people enter for prizes. It’s all done through social media, hence the #AvoSecrets. In order to play, you have to authorize an app to read Tweets from your timeline, see who you follow, update your profile, and post Tweets for you. Talk about getting access to your exact demographic. Invasive? Maybe. Genius? I think so!

Best Business – Honda

Trent Anderson, Director of Business Development
In the Honda Super Bowl LI commercial, we heard from the high school selves of Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson, Steve Carell, Missy Elliot, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel and Viola Davis. Honda creatively portrayed these entertainment icons through their respective high school yearbooks. Each character offered the audience an anecdote on perseverance which, as a sales person, resonated with me. Here’s to chasing dreams (and dollar signs)!

Best Content – Bai

Alyson Mull, Director of Content
Simple. Witty. Product-driven. Touchdown, Bai!!! With so many brands trying to stand out and be different, content ends up taking a backseat to celebrities, design, and sometimes just plain oddity. Bai, however, captured it all.

The ad starts with Christopher Walken whispering lyrics originally sung by Justin Timberlake (Bye, Bye, Bye). In silence, the camera pans to JT, pauses, and then zooms out to reveal a bottle of Bai sitting on the table next to JT. After another perfectly awkward pause, *NSYNC’s famous song plays, and Bai reiterates the connection by displaying “Bai Bai” as the reimagined song lyrics.

What is the driving force behind this ad? Content. All words, spoken, sung, and written, point directly to the brand. So many ads stand out for their stories or design, but when asked what the commercial is advertising, most people don’t know. Bai put its brand at the center of the content and delivered an unforgettable ad.

Best Search Journey – Ford

Michael Norris, Director of Search Marketing
While it would be difficult to point out a commercial that directly correlated with search engine marketing, Ford’s “Go Further” ad wasn’t too far off. Staying away from all the controversy, the creators behind America’s favorite car company took us on a ride to which we can all relate — being stuck. The ad caught viewer attention from the very beginning and never let go, taking us all through some all too relatable moments.

This is similar to your everyday searcher’s journey. They take to the web, come across something that catches their eye and stands out from the rest, and find themselves enthralled by the depth of quality content there to back it up. If the web team knows what it’s doing, the user won’t need to look too much further (or at all) before they’re met with an offer or brand placement of some kind.

A little tasteful humor always helps, too.

Best Overall – Budweiser

Wilbur You, CEO and Founder
The best commercial of Super Bowl 51 was the Budweiser commercial, showing how the founder of Budweiser was an immigrant that came from Germany to follow his dreams. It’s a very powerful commercial for the times that we are in right now in America, and shows that immigrants are the foundation of America and embody what the American Dream really means. A company as big as Budweiser once started out of nothing from a German immigrant. That’s special.


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