Blog Not Generating Any Leads? Try This.

Why do businesses use blogs?

I could sit here and tell you that I just really feel like educating the masses and unleashing my torrential downpour of ideas to better the public. I could tell you my one-liner when people are bugging me – that I just “like to write.” Heck, I could tell you that this is therapy, and if you didn’t read my blogs, my life would start spiraling out of control.

But in reality, I’m just trying to sell you.

Shocker, I know. Your business probably utilizes blogs for the same reason, so let’s just put it all out in the open for a minute here. We create blog posts to build trust, promote ourselves as leaders in our industry, and ultimately – to gather leads.

So how’s it going for you? Leads flowing like a waterfall? Or has a recent drought brought your almighty cascading river to a scarce trickle?

Judging by the title of my article and the fact you’re still reading, I’m gonna go with the latter… and listen, that’s okay. Everyone thinks this whole thing is easy. You just write away: plugging in keywords for SEO, tossing in an engaging image, adding a CTA with big, action-provoking words on it, and finishing it off with a title that even the most skeptic web surfer is sure to click on.

Well guess what? Everyone does that now.

Yep, that’s why your blog isn’t generating any leads. It’s harder than ever to stand out from amongst the crowd. Originality is nowhere to be seen, and depending on your industry, you might be at a loss for topics. I can’t make you into a great content writer overnight, but I can help with one area.

Let’s talk about those CTAs, shall we?

Traditionally speaking – if content is the bait, your call-to-action is the hook. You want readers to click on the link, go to the form on the next page, and either contact you or sign up for whatever it is you’re selling. If you’re not converting, why not try internal link or anchor CTAs? A recent article from Hubspot details their new use of these more discrete methods, and they’ve seen their leads grow by 121% since they’ve implemented that strategy.

To provide a brief summary:

Internal Link CTAs look something like this. You’ve definitely seen them before.


Anchor Text CTAs look like this. They’re set apart from the article, they’re big, and they provide usual CTA language to get you to click on them.


“But Michael, I’m using both of those already, and it’s not working.”

No method is foolproof. Use different tracking links on your CTAs to find out just which are converting the best, and go from there. Testing is the only way to figure out what’s going to work in the long run.

That being said, if your CTAs are located at the bottom of your posts, you’re probably not converting because nobody scrolls that far down. Of course, you wouldn’t know that though – since you probably didn’t even make it to this point.

Oh well…


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