Mobile Apps Are Getting Bigger – And We’re Not Talking Popularity

Everyone knows that mobile apps consume everyone’s daily lives, whether it’s checking social media, reading up on the latest news, or listening to your favorite artist’s new album, mobile apps have become a regular part of everyday life.

Since they take up so much of everyone’s time, most people never realize the changes in apps when they are updated, because let’s be honest, who really cares right?

With that being said, there has been a trend among mobile apps that even the most oblivious person can’t help but notice, everything is being designed bigger.

The typefaces, the imagery, and the layout are all being made bigger and bolder. The days of smaller conservative app design seem to be being pushed out in favor of this new big, bold design.

I’m not quite sure what led designers to design this way, but it has seemed to stick to a couple of the most popular mobile apps we use today.

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Apple Music App


Perhaps the most noticeable mobile app to change its look recently, Apple Music has taken its imagery focused design with smaller reinforced text, to in-your-face, big bold fonts that remove the need for reading glasses for even the most farsighted of people.

If you haven’t noticed I’m not the biggest fan of this new design, and I’m not one to judge change too quickly. But with this new design, it’s as if they just mailed it in and called it a day.

Apple used to be about light, elegant design and simplicity, but with the new version they have completely thrown that out the window. This new “improved” design is bulky, congested, and frankly, ugly.

I’m not trying to be a design snob by any means because I understand they are trying for readability and clarity, which is what you want every app to have, but they totally missed the mark here and made the readability more difficult while muddying up the clarity.

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BuzzFeed App


This app may not be as noticeable as Apple Music, but it has gone towards the new big, bold design as well. The interesting thing about Buzzfeed is that it’s really only using this type of design on its Home Page.

Also, I feel they have done their big, bold design right. The first article, probably the most important article, has the biggest headline so it catches your attention. However, the biggest design change they have made (which I think works for their audience) is the fact they are using big images instead of big headlines to grab your attention.

These images aren’t just in two columns anymore. They are in two columns broken up by one big image that takes up both columns. It’s as if the designers at Buzzfeed actually considered their audience when designing the app ( a weird concept I know).


Snapchat App


I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the most popular mobile app on this list, and everyone notices every change they make. You could say that’s a great thing so long as it works, and Snapchat works.

The biggest design change is on the Discover page, and honestly, it’s brilliant. Snapchat is yet another app that has geared its design towards its audience, Millennials.

Our generation has proven time and time again that we prefer image-based information. For instance, when Snapchat listed all of the Discover stories in the past, they didn’t have the preview image that they have now.

With that design, I’m sure only a relatively small group of people knew what “Vice” was and were less likely to click into in.

Most people probably still don’t know what it is but are more likely to click on it because they see the preview image and it catches their interest.

I would say most of the time people don’t even see the publication name before viewing it. And honestly, who cares? If they are clicking it to view then the app has done its job.

Mobile Apps will continue to run our daily lives and their designs will continue to change for the better and the worse. Designs will continue to be improved upon, but not all of them will be great – which is to be expected. So be on the lookout for this evolving trend, some will be hard to miss.


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