An Open Letter: 5 Year Anniversary of Youtech

On June 24th, 2012, I took a leap of faith and incorporated Youtech & Associates, Inc. with $600.00 that I had in my bank account. I haven’t looked back since. This year marks our 5 Year Anniversary at Youtech, and what an amazing journey it has been so far. They say, “Most businesses fail within 5 years,” and I’m truly honored and blessed to have made it past that point. Never in a million years did I believe we would move this fast and end up here.

Recently, I have been thinking, “How in the hell did we end up here after 5 years?” And what I realized is that there are 5 main factors that brought us here, and without them, we never had a chance.

1)      People believing in us and taking a chance. We started off as an agency that knew absolutely nothing, and people believed in us. Our clients deserve all the credit, especially the ones that bought our services even when we had no credibility. I’m forever grateful for that.

2)      Employees, and a team that believes in the same vision as you. I can easily say that without the people that started from the beginning and joined us along the way, Youtech wouldn’t be here today. I’d like to sincerely thank you for believing in me and Youtech for the past 5 years because it means everything.

3)      Adapting and reinvesting. This is huge for us because we adjusted to problems, created solutions, and then reinvested in ourselves to get better, improve, and add more talent. It wasn’t always easy, but we learned the fast-paced nature of this industry. We are now top 10 in the US for Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Management.

4)      Culture and relationships are crucial to Youtech’s growth. We take pride in the culture we have set here. We become friends, work hard together, and build empires together. Don’t get me wrong — we fight and get stressed, but we also understand the support that we have from everyone in the company.

5)      Millennials. Period. We are here today because majority of our employees are millennials. We know the latest trends in marketing and technology, and we are proving it each day. “Millennial” typically has a negative connotation to it, but we are redefining the perception and proving that businesses need us.

In just 5 years time, we have expanded to 30+ employees. We are expanding our 6000 SQ FT office in Naperville to about 10,000 SQ FT. We have expanded to Scottsdale, Arizona. We have become a top provider in Search Engine Optimization and Web Design. This past year we were featured on ABC 7. We became  a Preferred Google Partner. We increased our clientele by over 150 accounts, and we have increased growth by over 100% for the 5th year in a row. (Not bad for a kid starting a company in the basement of his parent’s house.)

I’m honored and truly blessed to have made it this far, and I wanted to take the time to thank everyone that has impacted our success. For all of the Youtech team, I want you to pat yourselves on the back, smile, and realize that you are an integral part of our success. For our clients, you have my word that we will do everything we can to continue working hard, showing results, and getting you everything you need when you need it. Thank you for your continued support. You will always come first in our book. Lastly, I’d like to thank all of our supporters, fans, friends, and family for supporting us, for believing in us, and for helping us whenever we need it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Wilbur You

CEO / Founder of Youtech Associates

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