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Awesome Hand Gaming locally brings the virtual experience of Las Vegas to game lovers in over 130 locations throughout Illinois. From bars and restaurants to bowling alleys and pubs, AHG has brought the thrill and liveliness of the Las Vegas Nightlife to the Midwest without the hassle of travel. Awesome Hand Gaming LLC, is an Illinois licensed gaming operator, focused on the Chicago area market and are assisting neighborhood establishments create a fun, responsible and high level of customer entertainment.


Youtech delivers an “awesome hand” every time for the gaming company, delivering only the premier marketing materials for success. The Youtech team has been given the opportunity to create a distinctive brand for Awesome Hand. The relationship between Youtech and Awesome Hand Gaming continues to grow daily as Youtech manages the website, social media and all marketing initiatives putting the best interest of Awesome Hand Gaming first. Youtech has also developed personal relationships with each of the 130 locations. Through data driven initiatives, Youtech is able to collect as much information as possible bringing in new customer markets daily. Additionally, Youtech has initiated a resource portal for clients and has begun the process of sending out internal and external newsletters for market exposure.