The premier owner, operator and developer of parking facilities in North America, InterPark’s ownership perspective and operating expertise results in a superior parking experience for customers. Through the utilization of garage access, payment and security technology, coupled with leading edge point-of-sale support systems, InterPark is placed at the forefront in operating complex, high volume parking properties.


InterPark is a known name in Chicago and throughout other major cities in the United States.  As common city goers, whenever the Youtech team needs to find parking in Chicago, InterPark is there. It was now our opportunity to return the favor and show them our area of expertise. The Youtech relationship with InterPark began with newsletters and has since grown to include other marketing materials including trade show booths, t-shirts, etc. Youtech understands that the image of Interpark is already a staple in the Chicago land area, however it was our spotlight moment to provide them with a modernized professional look to appeal to a broader range of customers, clients and investors. Currently, Youtech is in the process of consulting and designing future trade show materials and anything else that comes their way.