village of lyons
village of lyons


The Village of Lyons township has been an established, incorporated community since 1888. This smaller area between the Des Plaines and Chicago rivers was originally discovered by a French explorer and Jesuit missionary in the late 17th century when they were seeking a western passage to the Pacific. It eventually became the “Gateway to the West” because it made travel accessible to thousands of early settlers going both East and West. It became an impetus to Chicago’s prominence as a trade city.

Today, the Village of Lyons is a thriving community in the Chicago suburbs. The village actively encourages redevelopment of existing land for a higher quality life for its citizens.



Village of Lyons needed an online presence that spoke to its rich history and commitment to its residents. Youtech entered with a plan to connect citizens to community. A refurbished website and social media strategy were implemented to generate more enthusiasm for village activities and breathe new life into its operations.

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