PPC Management is no easy task. If you truly want to drive traffic and convert visitors to leads, you need a team dedicated to helping you succeed and achieve your goals. We use the latest strategies and most advanced tools to manage and oversee your PPC account, consistently showing better and better results as time goes on.

Why Let Youtech & Associates Manage Your SEM & PPC?

Many companies underestimate the true power of PPC and how well it can help grow their online business. Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest way to expose your company and services to potential customers, target specific markets, and demographics.

Paid Search Can Be Broken Down into Four Main Categories:

Keyword Research & Optimization

Before we begin each campaign, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your main competitors and your past history with PPC advertising. Within this analysis, we show you the exact ads being used by the competition, their exact keywords, and how much they’re paying for each click.

Keyword Bidding

Ad positioning plays a huge part in the cost-per-click (CPC) for every keyword in your campaign. We make sure you’re appearing the in positions that make the most sense from a cost-per-acquisition standpoint.

Ad Text & Extensions

To get the most traffic and conversions as possible, you’ll need compelling ad copy that stands out from the crowd. We do extensive research on your competitors so we can push past them in no time at all. From there, we’ll conduct ongoing A/B tests to figure out which ads are producing the most leads.

Landing Pages & Call Tracking

What’s more important than enticing ad text? An easy-to-navigate landing page with a clear call to action. The quality and performance of your landing pages affects your Quality Score, which can either boost or hurt your PPC campaigns. Our team will build your landing pages from the ground up, making sure they are fully optimized to convert and produce a higher ROI. Both your ads and landing pages can be fitted with tracking numbers, so you know exactly what calls are coming in at what times, what keywords/campaigns they can be attributed to, how long they last, and who the caller is.

PPC advertising will allow you to jump ahead of the organic Google rankings, giving you more visibility, right away. With your dedicated account managers at Youtech, you’ll be able to get ahold of the team managing your account to make adjustments and answer your questions throughout the day.