So You Have an App. Now What?

Mobile App Development and Marketing

There’s an app for that. We’ve all heard the expression. Since 2009, the number of app downloads has increased from 2.52 billion to an estimated 268.7 billion in 2017. The reality is, if you’re not integrating your platform into the mobile space, you’re falling behind – and neglecting a pretty substantial segment of your audience.

If you’ve finally leaped over the time-consuming hurdle of developing an app for your business, the next one ahead of you is marketing it. The goals to keep in mind? Make them see the value in it, then make them want to download it.

There’s a wealth of resources out there to help build more exposure of your app, but these five tactics are crucial.

Give your app a home

Creating a landing page or microsite is a great way to house all of your app’s essential information in one place. It’s easy for consumers to refer to and even easier for media to pull from. Try to keep it simple, informative, and compelling, stating what need your app is fulfilling. Use eye-catching imagery to keep them on the page and include screenshots of your app that show the user what they can expect.

Need a little landing page inspiration? Check this one out.

Don’t forget about app store optimization

Kind of like search engine optimization, but specifically within an app store. Most people find apps by searching for them, so make it easier for them to find yours. Write a convincing description on your app page and make sure to use keywords. The toughest obstacle is bringing in those first batches of downloads, but the more downloads you have, the higher your app will rank in search. Recruit your family, friends, acquaintances, social followers, and everyone in between to build your base, then it’ll get easier to work your way up from there.

Reviewers are your friends

Even if they don’t act like it. Of course, positive reviews build credibility, but negative or critical reviews can help you fine tune your app according to what works and what doesn’t. There are vast networks of tech reviewers out there that are just waiting to test out the next innovation in mobile apps, so give them yours.

Engage your people

Your followers are the most fundamental part of the success of your business, and in turn, the success of your app. Leveraging your existing followers is the best way to introduce your app to those who can vouch for your brand. Give them an exclusive look at the latest feature of your app, offer them free downloads for a limited time, or give out incentives for rating and using your app. More than likely, they’ll appreciate the attention.

Think outside the box

Have a genius marketing or PR idea that you’ve been dying to use? Now’s your time. Nowadays, it takes more than a social post here and a press release there to get the word out. Get creative and find a way to hit your audience right at home and make them hear your message loud and clear.


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