Shawn JohnsonShawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson


As a USA Olympic Gold Medalist and Winner of Dancing with the Stars Season Eight, Shawn Johnson is the ultimate rock star in the eyes of the Youtech team. At the young age of 22, the American gymnast accomplished more than any hope to achieve in a lifetime. Shawn acquired Olympic Medals, a New York Times best-selling book, a business, a career in broadcast all while performing the normal 22 year old role of being a student at Vanderbilt University.


Honor does not even begin to describe the emotion the Youtech team felt working with Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson. We are proud to have given her premier online presence through responsive web design and a distinctive and personalized logo. The customized website includes a page of updated events, pictures of the gymnast in action, content and the latest information on her current career status. The state of the art website managed by the Youtech team creates a central point for fans to keep updated with the Olympic Gold Medalist and in the know on her successes.